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What is: Quiz Bowl

Do you love Jeopardy or Jack Prom’s daily fun facts? If so, then Quiz Bowl is the place for you! Quiz bowl has been a club for many years at Hackett. This year it is recruiting new members and anyone is welcome to come give it a shot.

The club is looking at a great year due to the new student leader Anya Phillips, a Hackett junior who has been in the club since her freshman year, as well as Mrs. Marillier taking over as the new club supervisor. 

At Quiz Bowl, students meet after school to run through practice questions used in previous years. These questions range in a variety of topics from science and history to fine arts and philosophy. This large range of questions ensures anyone can contribute.

“I have been doing quiz bowl since I was a freshman and it is my favorite extracurricular I do.'' says leader, Anya Philips.

If students have any questions Anya and Mrs. Marillier are available to give more information on the scheduling of practice and competitions. They can be reached in person or through and Make sure to listen to the announcements for the kick off meeting. 



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