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Winter Sports Wonderland

With fall sports starting to wind down, students may wonder what sporting options are available for the winter season. Hackett offers men's and women’s JV and Varsity basketball, Ski Team, Bowling, and Hockey!

Hackett basketball has come off an excellent season from the previous year, with the men's and women’s varsity teams making a deep playoff run. The men would finish in the regional finals and the women in the state quarter-finals.

While being the most popular winter sport, basketball also provides great opportunities to form close bonds with teammates at both the JV and Varsity levels. If there are any questions, Mr. Kosmerick would be happy to answer them.

A potential new addition to the mix is the indoor track. Although Hackett does not have its own indoor track team, seniors Gabe Oeurn and Nick Doerr plan to participate in winter track clubs.

“Track allows me to occupy myself during the winter,” says Gabe Oeurn, “I can improve myself and get faster before the spring outdoor season.”

For students interested in sprinting, Gabe is available to answer any questions about this sprinting club. If interested in more long-distance running, Nick is able to answer questions about his long-distance club. Their respective emails are and

At Hackett, no one is denied a spot on any team, so there is no pressure to try a sport out. We hope to see you represent our school and your team spirit!


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