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With home basketball games coming to a close, it is finally time to celebrate Winterfest! Next week, students get to show their school spirit by participating in the many fun activities the SLT has planned.

This Friday starts with students decorating their class hallways. The hallway themes for the week are class colors. The colors for each grade are yellow for freshmen, red for sophomores, blue for juniors, and purple for seniors. As a little friendly competition, the grade with the best and most creative hallway will win a uniform hallway!

Students also get to dress up to fun themes each day.  These themes include: class colors day on Monday (matching the hallway themes), anything but a backpack on Tuesday, Sunday Best on Wednesday (mass attire), Nerd vs. Jocks on Thursday (underclassmen are nerds, upperclassmen are jocks), and Spirit Day on Friday.  

In combination with Spirit Day on Friday, students get to show their Irish Pride at an end-of-week pep rally! During this pep rally, students get to cheer on the hardworking marching band and winter cheer team and compete with other classes in fun games led by the SLT.

To close out this exciting week students are invited to a winter formal dance on Saturday where they can dress up, go out to eat, and dance with friends. "Winterfest at Hackett has given me some of my favorite high school memories, like getting dressed up to take photos and going out to eat before with my friends,” says Senior Christian Willis.

Winterfest is one of students’ favorite events that make Hackett such a great experience, and we can’t wait to see how you carry on this fun tradition next week!


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