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With Snow Comes Skiing

With snow starting to fall the ski team is preparing for a good ski season. The ski team is combined with Vicksburg High School. The team is coached by a Hackett Parent, Mr. Ulbrich, and a Vicksburg parent, Mr. Rohrstaff.

Having a coach who is a school parent is very helpful because they understand how busy the students are with the many different sports and extracurricular activities they are involved in. Mr. Ulbrich is very flexible when working with students who are doing multiple activities like theater and jazz band during the ski season.

Between 2012 and 2021 Hackett didn’t have a ski team. In 2021 the team was restarted with growing interest. In the two years since the team’s renewal, it has been very successful, three of its members have qualified for the individual state championships: Abby Ulbrich, Lauren Wild, and Ella Rohrstaff. Last year Abby Ulbrick, Paige Zeigler, and Alexis Wild qualified for the all-conference team. In 2021 the boy’s team placed 2nd in Division 2 with Academic All-State Honors.

Last season, we had only three races due to weather conditions. Two of them were regular conference races and one was a regional race. The conference races were split between two ski areas, Timber Ridge and Bittersweet.

This year, due to the very high season pass prices at Bittersweet all the conference races will be hosted at Timber Ridge. Each team member has a season pass at Timber Ridge, this is nice because they won’t have to spend extra money on any conference races.

Right now the team is doing “dry-land” training once a week at Hackett, strengthening important muscle groups that are essential for safe skiing. Once there is enough snow, the team will shift from workouts at Hackett to Ski practice twice a week at Timber Ridge.


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