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Working 3-9: How to work after School

Sports, classes, and clubs, some students are balancing it all, but others even throw a part-time job in the mix. Whether they need money or need to fill the time, many Hackett students add labor to their daily schedule. 

As someone who works a part-time job on weekends and sometimes on weekdays, it is an interesting addition to my day-to-day plan. 

I work at the YMCA near Hackett as a lifeguard making $13 an hour. I usually work 6-7 hours a week on the weekends.

I still have a lot of time to have fun with my friends or do schoolwork after my shift. I like lifeguarding because I get to listen to music and sit in a chair, and all I have to do is enforce rules and make sure everyone is safe. 

I am currently at my third job and second lifeguarding position. Two years ago I took a certification course that took about 48 hours of online work and 4 days of class work with a test at the YMCA through the Red Cross. 

The course was pretty easy and I didn’t find the test very challenging, to get certified I emailed the YMCA and they told me when they were doing their next class, it cost a couple of bucks but if you apply for a job most places will pay for your course. 

My schedule is very flexible, but I cannot work shifts longer than 4 hours because watching a pool for 4 hours straight without an extended break is considered unsafe. If you're looking for a relatively easy and flexible position, I recommend the YMCA. 

I use the money gained over the summer to pay for my car and during the school year it is nice to have a little extra cash in my pocket. 

Jack Prom works at KP Cinemas downtown as a concessionist.

“Most of the days I am making food and scooping popcorn for customers, I also clean the theaters after people are done watching their movies and if I am on a closing shift I do closing duties.”

Most of Jack’s work can be done by pretty much anyone and does not necessarily require any skills meaning it would be the perfect job for a high school student looking for some easy cash.

“I think for most shifts the biggest obstacle is boredom, movie theaters have off times and rush hours. Monday through Wednesday is very slow but the weekends are busy.”

“As long as someone is diligent with requesting time off it is easy, I get weekly schedules on Wednesday at noon.” 

“I make $10.50 an hour and mostly save my money and occasionally I’ll spend it on things that I want. I recommend working at KP Cinemas because the work is not very hard and it is very flexible with only a week of training.” 

Hosanna Ndikumana was also interviewed about her work. Hosanna works at Pizza Hut and described her place of employment as flexible but thinks working during school is exhausting.

“I'm physically and emotionally exhausted especially if you take AP classes and you’re a senior juggling with College applications. You have to survive on 4 hours of sleep every day! 

“For me, I sacrifice sleep for work and good grades. I go to bed at 2 am every night. I take a nap after school and then go to work, after work I do my homework if it's due at 11:59 or else I will do it at midnight for studying and go back to sleep at 2 am.”

“The biggest thing about working during school is to avoid procrastination. Use your time wisely and try to finish homework before you leave school.”

Hosanna mostly makes pizzas and cleans so she can make $12 an hour for car payments and her savings However, Hosanna does not recommend Pizza Hut for a student, especially if you’re busy during school.

“If you need money desperately you should work but if you want to work for fun I would not recommend Pizza Hut. 


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