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A Finance Field Trip

Hackett students are about to go on a field trip to JA Finance Park on Friday, March 6. Both the Accounting and BMA classes are going on this trip. The students have been learning about financial and business skills and are going to get an opportunity to see how they could apply their skills to life after high school. 

Junior Achievement provides lessons on business and finance. Volunteers teach the lessons to students across the nation. Hackett’s Accounting Students are currently taking a course from JA Finance called “JA Finance Park Advanced”. It is a curriculum on financial planning and career exploration. 

Ms. Hayes is teaching students important lessons curated by Junior Achievement about career paths and what students can do after high school. Now that the in-class course is completed they are going to go to a Grand Rapids finance park location for a day of financial decision-making simulations to apply what they have learned. Ms. Hayes says she “hopes students will be able to use what they learned in class to make informed decisions.”   

Last April a new part of JA finance was opened, called “JA BizTown”. JA BizTown is designed like a real town, there is a Meijer, Bissell, Corewell Health, and Chick-fil-A. This is where students will go through a simulation, making decisions on what to do with their mock money. This is a unique opportunity for students to get a different perspective on their futures and be prepared.


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