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An Irish Celebration

On Saturday, April 13, 2024, Hackett Catholic Prep hosted their annual Shamrock Auction. The Shamrock Auction is the main fundraising event at Hackett and brings in a significant amount of money each year. Hackett had a great turnout this year, as current families, staff, and alumni all showed up to support and donate money to the Hackett community. 

Several of the people attending expressed their satisfaction with the event. They were very impressed with the student volunteers and the services they provided. Some students sold raffle tickets for the different live auctions to the attendees. They were able to meet the goal of selling all available tickets.

 A few other students were selected to give speeches. Both Harrison Wheeler and Emma Bartholemew gave speeches about how Hackett had personally helped them grow as people. 

People spent the night enjoying each other’s company and bidding on some very special items. Some of these items included Detroit Lions and Detroit Red Wings tickets, U of M and MSU football tickets, several expensive bottles of liquor, a trip to Siesta Key, and many more amazing prizes. 

One of the most popular items was a Euchre Night with Father McNally. Father McNally was not the only priest to contribute as well, Father Creagan contributed a meal, and several other priests donated their time and attended the auction. Father McNally and Bishop Lohse also helped run one of the live auctions.  The great turnout and very positive feedback showed another very successful Shamrock Auction for Hackett this year.


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