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C’mon Barbie Let’s Go Party

Kicking off Spirit Week, students at Hackett Catholic Prep channel their inner blondie to dress up as the iconic Barbie and Ken.

Starting strong on Monday, students show their school spirit by dressing up as a favorite character. For this hit theme, students and staff wore shades of pink and recreated some of Barbie’s iconic outfits. Sophomore Emma Bartholomew was inspired by a 70’s look, while Victoria, Natalie, and Katelyn wore Barbie’s symbolic color. Hackett’s Student Leadership Team (SLT) chose this theme in attribution to the record breaking film, “Barbie”. Released July 21, 2023 the movie quickly soared to become the highest grossing film of the year. “Barbie” has a spectacular cast with Margot Robbie starring as Barbie, and Ryan Gosling playing Ken. Leo Redmond dressed as Ryan Gosling’s Ken in the movie’s “I’m Just Ken” ballad. Students are encouraged to keep dressing up for themes throughout the week.

As you might already know, Tuesday’s theme is Young versus Old. For students dressing young, this means babies, toddlers, or kids. Some ideas for students can be recreating a childhood photo, or wearing childish accessories. I asked Mr. Scoles if there is anything students cannot wear and he replied students must have their shoulders and midriffs covered, meaning no one can dress up as a half-naked baby. If Students choose to dress old, they should dress as senior citizens. Potential accessory options are gray wigs, robes, glasses, slippers, and don’t forget to bring a cane. However, dressing as teenagers or middle aged is not allowed.


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