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Irish Bowling: K Christian Will Not Be Spared

Strikes and spares are plenty in Irish bowling and the team is ready to finish up this second half of the season strong. Coming off of a very successful season last year with the team making it to states, the Irish look to make a similar run this year. 

“The bowling team is doing great now but there is work still to be done and the season is already halfway through, but over all we are destined for greatness.” says Junior Kyler Higgins on the season. 

After a rough start to the season one game stands out, the big Hackett win over rival K-Christian. At Hackett a team could be losing games left or right but with a win over K-Christian it always feel like they just won states. “Beating K-Christian is one of the greatest things to do in Irish sports, beating that team makes the season so much better.” Says sophomore Carmine. 

This isn't the only meetup with K-Christian this season though, Hackett will play them again this year Febuary 17, and something that would be great … A student section. Student sections are almost non existent at bowling matches and it would be a lot of fun to have some students show up and support this team. 

“The Team has been doing well recently, we have a lot of good bowlers on varsity and jv, and I think we can finish the season off strong.” Explains sophomore Parker Hosner. This Season well it might have started a bit rough, the team is determined to finish the year strong and hopefully complete the sweep against K-Christian. 


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