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Senior Spotlight: Gabe, Fitness King

Gabriel Oeurn, a senior, is infamous for carrying around his big lunchbox, and when one gets to know Gabe one of the first things they might notice is his attention and focus on his physical health. Gabe’s physical health did not use to be a priority, and he revealed that especially during the pandemic his mental and physical health was not in a good place. Gabe started developing a healthier lifestyle during his sophomore year, with occasional weight training, now he goes to the gym six days a week. Gabe recognizes the importance of comprehensive health, which is why he also focuses on meal prepping each week. Gabe has worked incredibly hard and put in countless efforts to better himself mentally and physically, and he is in the best shape of his life.

Gabe’s dedication to his health and well-being truly shows his work ethic. This is something that translates beyond health, his intense work ethic can also be seen within his track training and other areas of his life. When I asked Gabe about what drives him even when he doesn’t have motivation, he responded saying that he focuses on what his goals are and recognizes that he must have the self-discipline to keep pushing forward to achieve his goals.

Winning the ‘Best on Aux’ mock election title comes as no surprise, Gabe always has the good tunes rolling whether it be when you’re carpooling or sharing Airpods. He not only listens to good music, but he can play a mean trumpet solo, as he shows off in the Hackett Jazz Band. In the past few years there have not been many trumpets, and Gabe has had to step up even more to push the small section to still sound and perform at its very best.

Gabe has a bright future ahead of him, as he plans to attend KVCC in the fall, starting his academic journey towards attaining an engineering degree. Gabe has been in the Catholic Schools his whole educational career thus far and attended St. Augustine School for elementary and middle school. Gabe appreciates the feeling of a tightknit family-like community that the schools provide. He also appreciates the ability to participate in various activities, as he is a member of the varsity soccer team, jazz band, track team, and more. After attaining his associate degree, he plans on finishing his degree at Michigan State University.

Gabe is always good for a fun time, whether it be getting food, hitting the gym, or anything else. His fun spontaneous personality is something that is admirable. Gabe’s drive will serve him well in his future endeavors.


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