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Become Part of the Hive- K College

Kalamazoo College, a local liberal arts and sciences college, is determined to better prepare students for the future, along with making most of their interests, passions, and gifts. 

While Kalamazoo College offers 31 majors, 22 minors, and 13 concentration programs, most students major in Biological and Biomedical Sciences, Social Sciences, Management, Marketing, and Business. 

The school’s faculty is committed to their students’ education. Besides the 11:1 student to faculty ratio, 72% of classes have fewer than 20 students, a comfortable classroom size.

K College offers a personalized educational experience, the K-Plan. To help dive into your passions and interests, this system integrates liberal arts and sciences, hands-on practice, intercultural engagement, and senior projects into the school’s academics. The K-Plan makes Kalamazoo College special, and so do their athletics and student life. 

Kalamazoo College is an NCAA Division III institution with 18 sports teams participating in the Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association (MIAA). Out of the 1400 student body, 32% percent participate in intercollegiate athletics. Student life is not only expressed in sporting events, but within the school’s 80+ student organizations.

K College offers over 50 study abroad programs in 25+ countries. The school also offers financial aid for students who want to participate in the opportunity to study abroad.

According to The Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System, K College is rated in the top five schools in Michigan with the highest graduation rate. The College has a 71% 4-year graduation rate.

Muna Onwochei graduated from Hackett in 2023 and is currently studying biochemistry at K College. She answered some questions about her experience, which are included below.

What are the professors like? Are they helpful, easy to connect with, etc.

Muna Onwochei-

“The professors here at K are really encouraging and helpful. They always make time to help students.”

What is significantly different from Hackett?

Muna Onwochei-

“The classes are significantly different. Also leaving on campus in general is a different experience.”

What is student life like?

Muna Onwochei-

“Student life here at K is really fun. We usually go downtown on the weekends.”

Are you currently involved in any sports, clubs, or organizations? If so, please describe what you do in the group.

Muna Onwochei-

“Yes. I am a part of BSO (Black Student Organization), Dental Club, and KalamAfrica. Black Student Organization (BSO) is an organization in which Black/African-American students from various backgrounds come together to empower our experiences as black students. The Dental Club is a club in which pre-dental students come together and build/discuss their plans for the future, as well as participating in shadow experiences at dental offices and receiving information from current dentists and current dental school students. KalamAfrica is a club where students from a variety of African countries come together and talk about African culture, eat food, and share experiences as African students.”

What is campus life like? Have you been to any campus activities? (concerts, game nights, Intramural/Club tournaments, movie nights, etc.)

Muna Onwochei-

“Campus life is pretty exciting. K does movie nights (I've been to a few) which are always really fun. In November, I attended an acapella performance that was held in our auditorium, which was really cool.”

What are the biggest differences between college and high school?

Muna Onwochei-

“In college, you have less classes which is really nice, but you also have a heavier workload. Also, professors hold office hours where you can come back and work on anything you have trouble on, whether that be a lab report or an essay.”

Lastly, is there anything you would like to inform current students interested in K College about?

Muna Onwochei-

“If you're thinking of coming to K, really consider their study abroad programs. At K, they have various programs you could participate in. You can also create your own major here, which is really nice if you want to major in something specific.”


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