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Jazztastic Performance

The Hackett Jazz Band will perform in the District Jazz Festival on Wednesday, April 3rd at Vicksburg High School. 

The jazz band will perform 3 songs they have been preparing even before the Festival Preview Concert. The 3 songs consist of “Now’s the Time” by Charlie Parker, “Nardis” by Miles Davis, and concluding with “Bag’s Groove” by Milt Jackson. 

The bebop song “Now’s the Time” by Charlie Parker would be one of Parker’s greatest compositions. In the composition, he played the alto saxophone alongside Miles Davis on trumpet, Dizzy Gillespie on piano, Curley Russell on bass, and Max Roach on drums. Charlie Parker was one of the most influential jazz musicians, leading a role in the development of bebop. 

“Nardis” by Miles Davis was composed by renowned jazz pianist Bill Evans. Even though it was composed by Bill Evans, the composition is often attributed to Davis due to their connection. The composition shifts away from the prevalent bebop style at the time and instead aligns with modal jazz, which Miles Davis pioneered the movement at the time. 

With the addition of “Bag’s Groove” by Milt Jackson, the jazz piece brings a bluest feel and groove-oriented approach. During “Bag’s Groove,” had the lineup of Miles Davis on trumpet, Thelonius Monk on piano, Percy Heath on bass, Kenny Clarke on drums, and Milt Jackson on the vibraphone. 

These pieces not only highlight the compositional talents of the jazz musicians, but they also express pivotal moments in jazz history, where different movements have taken place, describing and forming the art of jazz.

The Hackett Jazz Band is enthusiastic and fully confident in their skill and preparations that they will come out and produce a great performance and result.


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