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The Chapel Gets a Fresh Coat

Hackett is not new to Ms. Aidan's artwork, but they'll be getting another original shortly! Ms. Aidan has begun to paint the space behind the altar in the chapel with a design of her own making. 

The design will consist of a blue ombre background, presenting Jesus on the crucifix as radiant. Framing this will be a golden arch with an intricate design overlaid. 

Ms. Aidan said, "The idea is to show the light emanating from Jesus and to focus the eye for reverence."

If you are feeling inspired, students have an opportunity to take part in the creation of the art piece. Ms. Aidan has outlined a schedule for when students may assist her.

Ms. Aidan wants students on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school. There will also be a time slot Saturday, in the afternoon. Later this week, Ms. Aidan will post a sign-up sheet for students to fill out.

 Students can help paint the golden arch that will frame Jesus. There is no artistic requirement, but Ms. Aidan asks that students be prepared to be neat. 

When asked about her inspiration, Ms. Aidan cited, "The windows in the chapel that are shades of blue and circles, and then the traditional Catholic church that has the grillwork at the altar." 


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