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The Hackett Theater Department is Preparing for an Early Christmas

Christmas in a charming English town is the perfect way to get one in the Christmas spirit, and this is what Hackett's upcoming play promises. Ebeneezer, which will debut at the start of December, is a live stage adaptation of the classic Dickens novel A Christmas Carol.

Hackett previously planned to prepare a production of Puffs, or Seven Years of Increasingly Eventful Years at a Certain School of Magic and Magic, but it didn't work out. Mr. Rafferty, the head of Hackett's theater department, told me, "We had to move the dates, and so we moved it into December, and I thought since we're going to be doing the play in December, we might as well do a holiday show."

A Christmas Carol is a classic holiday story. It follows Ebeneezer Scrooge as he converts from a hateful miser into a jolly, Christmas-loving philanthropist. Scrooge is transformed by visits from several spirits who teach him about the joy of Christmas and the dangers of his selfish ways.

Mr. Rafferty is excited about the holiday show, telling me, "I think it'll be a good opportunity for us all to get into the holiday season. It's also a great opportunity for us to raise some canned goods and boxed food for Loaves and Fishes. There will be opportunities to trade in a can or a boxed meal to get a dollar off your ticket." Hackett is using the play as an opportunity to serve in their faith.

As for the cast, Keegan Gallagher, an experienced actor in Hackett's theater department, had this to say about the switch to Ebeneezer, "Our original play wasn't going to be good. Puffs was the original idea, and while I think it would be a good play, I don't think it would do well at Hackett specifically. I don't think many people would want to perform for it or go see it."

Keegan told me that Ebenezer is going to be a great production. He told me that "it's for everyone." and "the costumes are going to be a lot easier because we have most of the stuff." This sounds like the perfect combination for a quality production.

The sign-up for auditions is still open and can be found on the theater call board. Auditions will be held in early October. Crew members are also needed to work on the technical aspect of the play. The Hackett Theater Department is getting ready for what may be one of its best productions yet. Ebeneezer will open in December and welcomes all ages, so make sure you don't miss it!


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